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2nd edition

In the 2nd edition of this book, the quantative evaluation of the fairness of the user discovery methods for Mastodon and other decentralized social networks is integrated. The Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the fairness of user discovery methods chapter explains both the qualitative and quantative evaluations consistently. The case studies and experiment settings, which take up too much space, are put into the appendix in this book.

In this edition, the qualitative evaluation of the fairness of the lists of Mastodon instances is removed. I want to focus the decentralization of users ideology, not the instance-wise decentralization. It is well known that there are too many websites which provide their list of Mastodon instances [1, 2], especially in Japan. Actually the lists of Mastodon instances seem not so nessesary in our post-April fediverse.

Talking about a latest topic, Matodon's the new profile directory [3, 4] is nice. This is federated and fair.

18th September 2019, Hakaba Hitoyo (Vaginaplant)


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