The decentralization of users for the internet of subsistence

I have a dream, which is called the internet of subsistence, the opposition of the internet of celebrities.

Old days has past in which the information in the internet is free, there are many methods for payment to the creators in the internet. Patreon [1] or Open Collective [2] are well known worldwide. In Japan, many monthly donation platforms such as Enty [3], Fantia [4], ci-en [5] and pixivFANBOX [6] are also become popular. The monthly donation platforms bring continuous income, it is more fancy for the creators than the one-shot donation. Nowadays we have various the internet of money websites.

To earn the donation across the monthly donation platforms, however, the fame or popularity is necessary indeed. Actually, the donation is oligopolized by the celebrities, most of the creators do not earn donation at all.

Ideally, the distribution of the donation must be more fair. Actually, this is the internet of subsistence. So, how we introduce the fairness of the monthly donation platforms? First of all, if the platform has the recommendation system, it must be fair. Anyway, we need more studies for that, anyway.

To earn the donation across the monthly donation platforms, it is essential to advertise or announce in the social networks such as Twitter. When Twitter becomes go mad or suppress our speech, Mastodon or other decentralized social networks are become more important. To avoid the oligopoly of the donation, we must introduce the fairness of the user recommendation systems, or generally any kind of online platforms.