Designing fair user recommendation system

Last updated 4 months ago

In this chapter, we design a fair user recommendation system for Mastodon, in step-by-step style.

First of all, we have to avoid the oldies effect. We can choose weekly, monthly, or other criteria in some finite duration.

Second, to avoid the shrink wrap effect, we have better to use the number of boosts, rather than the numer of followers.

Now we find that, the weekly number of boosts is one of the fair criteria to recommend the users.

And one more thing, a reverse unfair criteria is fair. For example, we can imagin a rule that the user whose number of followers is more than 100 is not recommended. Such kind of rule is brings additional fairness. This rule can be combinated with the weekly number of boosts criteria.

Now we get a design of a fair user recommendation system for Mastodon. Implementation is expected.