Decentralization by design: How to get back the internet of celebrities into the 99 %'s hands

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In the internet, especially consumer generated media, the presence of users is oligopolized by few celebrities. I propose the term internet of celebrities. On the other hand, Mastodon or other distributed social networks share the philosophy of decentralization. Usually This means that some federated instances share the power of their social network, I suppose that the decentralization of users is also motivated. The decentralization of users is one of the counterparts of the internet of celebrities.

The user ranking which is sorted by the number of followers is one of the typical examples of the design that supports the oligarchy of the users. Although the users who have many followers are likely to be attractive, the users who are attractive but not famous are rarely focesed.

I suppose the term fairness, in this book which means to support the decentralization of the users. Also unfairness means to support the origarchy of the users. In this book, many websites are evaluated by their fairness and unfairness, especially the lists of the Mastodon instances and the user recommendation systems.